Stereo Sound S3


Bluetooth, Portable Wireless Speaker with Subwoofer Heavy Bass, 2 Loud , LED Lights, FM Radio, Remote Control, MP3 Player Powerful, Suitable for Travel, Indoor and Outdoor


[Why do you choose TAMPROAD Bluetooth speakers?]

We have dedicated ourselves to the speaker industry for many years and hope to create benefits for our buyers.

[Superior Sound Quality]

The S37 Bluetooth speaker has excellent sound quality, whether you are at home or on a business trip, it can enrich your quality of life with powerful stereo and crisp bass.

[FM radio and remote control]

15CM antenna retro design, enjoy the radio, relax after the busy work or any time you want to enjoy it.You can comfortably lie on the bed or sofa, and the remote control will make you more convenient and more comfortable with this speaker.

[Simple and Stylish Design]

This speaker style is unique in the market, easy to carry, the top of the speaker is equipped with a bracket (mobile phone holder, etc.), the bell mouth of the subwoofer and a beautiful light ring design.

Other Features

  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker,built-in bluetooth 4.2 wireless transmission, working distance up to 10 meters
  • Support Digital Display+Intelligent Remote Control
  • Support FM radio, FM channel automatically
  • After shutdown automatically memory track number
  • Support 3 louderspeakers, big power 11W, guide tube design
  • Can match the PC, MP3,MP4, and is equipped with 3.5mm stereo audio output interface of the mobile phone and other audio equipment



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Stereo Sound S3